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Researchers use gene therapy to treat pulmonary dysfunction in Pompe disease

September 15, 2016

Dr. Barbara Smith and researchers at the Powell Gene Therapy Center have conducted the first in-human study of gene therapy to treat respiratory dysfunction in patients with infantile onset Pompe.

New mosquito-borne disease detected in Haiti

September 15, 2016

Dr. John Lednicky and colleagues have identified Haiti's first case of the Mayaro virus.

Zika virus: Only a few small outbreaks likely to occur in the continental US

September 13, 2016

Writing for The Conversation, Dr. Natalie Dean, Dr. Ira Longini and colleagues project only small Zika outbreaks from mosquito transmission in the continental U.S.

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Gators in the National Parks

August 15, 2016

The post Gators in the National Parks appeared first on UF | Preeminence.

Biomarker breakthrough could improve Parkinson’s treatment

August 15, 2016

A new, non-invasive way to track the progression of Parkinson’s disease could help evaluate experimental treatments to slow or stop the disease’s progression....

Business grad lends marketing might to Hyperloop team

August 8, 2016

Grace Everitt is helping University of Florida engineering students participate in SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition. She isn’t doing it for course credit or because it will look good on her...

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